Terms and Conditions Shopboost

Shopboost.nl / Shopboostapp.com are business concepts of Shopboost. The Shopboost-tag is a piece of code which customers (webshops) embed in their website (snippet). The Shopboost-tag is part of Shopboostapp.com / Shopboost.nl. Shopboost grants you access to shopboost.nl and invites you to use the offered services. Shopboost is located at Van Spaenstraat 2, 6524 HL, Nijmegen and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands number 09220180.

The terms and conditions apply to all agreements between a user and Shopboost. An agreement is established by using the website shopboost.nl/shopboostapp.com and / or the Shopboost-tag.

Shopboost facilitates in suprising (webshop) visitors. The surprises are goods or services of the customers of Shopboost. Shopboost only facilitates the publishing of the surprise (usually a coupon). Shopboost's customers deliver goods or services according to their own terms and conditions to consumers. Shopboost is in no way held responsible to deliver the surprise offered by a customer (webshop) to a consumer.

Shopboost is dedicated to protecting your privacy. The privacy policy can be found at privacy.

Limited liability

Shopboost endeavors to update as often as necessary the content of Shopboost.nl Shopboostapp.com and the Shopboost-tag. Despite this care and attention it is possble that content and / or features are incomplete and / or incorrect. The content and features offered on Shopboost.nl and Shopboostapp.com are without any form of guarantee or claim to correctness. The content and feautures may change at any time without prior notice of Shopboost.

All information and features on Shopboost.nl Shopboostapp.com and the Shopboost-tag is subject to typing and programming errors. For the consequences of such error no liability is accepted. No agreement is included on the basis of such errors. Shopboost never accepts liability for hyperlinks to websites or services of third parties.

Shopboost exludes all liability for any direct or indirect damages of any kind arising from or in any way related to the use of the service, the use of information obtained from Shopboost.nl / Shopboostapp.com or temporary inability to visit Shopboost.nl or Shopboostapp.com.

Force majeure means an unforeseen circumstance, which can not be attributed to Shopboost. This includes going to strike, fire, war, business interruptions. The damage incurred by the customer or user by the force majeure can not be recovered by Shopboost.

Because of the inherent risks and uncertainties of electronic distribution, there may be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the site infromation and services.

These limitations and exclusions of damage include, but are not limited to, loss of profits, loss of confidential or other information, business interruption, personal injury, loss of privacy, failure to meet any duty including of good faith or of reasonable care, negligence or negligent misrepresentation, and for any other pecuniary or other loss, even in the case of guilt by Shopboost, or tort (including negligence), risk of product liability, breach of contract or breach of warranty.

Should a court be determined that the above restruction is not valid, the liability of Shopboost for any claim arising out of this agreement, including for any direct damages be limited to € 1,000,- or the amount of direct damage to incurred. You agree that you indemnify Shopboost from all obligations, liabilities, claims or demands beyond this limit.

If Shopboost causes damage by abusive behaviour af a user, Shopboost is entitled to hold this user accountable. Shopboost has the right to deny or block a user without any reason.

The user may at any time terminate the contract. The user can send an email to info@shopboostapp.com.